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Mechanix Bishopdale is a true one-stop-shop for all your automotive requirements, with a focus on getting the job done right the first time. We offer a full range of services, including automotive diagnostics, WoFs, tyres, repairs, servicing and alignments to ensure the performance and safety of your vehicle on the road.

Mechanix Bishopdale is dedicated to better, safer motoring and we treat your trust and confidence in our service as a privilege. Our goal is to provide the best possible service so that you will want to come back and will recommend us to others.

Courtesy Cars and Vans
Courtesy Cars & Vans


Professional Friendly Team
Professional Friendly Team


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Our team have over 52 years of experience in the automotive industry providing service and repairs for cars, vans, light trucks and trailers. Our technicians attend specialised training to keep up to-date with latest technology, and we use the latest equipment to provide high-quality automotive repairs and servicing for all makes and models.

We’ll listen to you. We’ll explain clearly in plain language what work is required and keep you informed of any changes in pricing are required — no work will be carried out without your prior approval. Our aim with every job, every client, is to have you leave the workshop happy.

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Warrant of Fitness

Ensuring your car is road safe is our concern. We are an authorised LTNZ (Land Transport New Zealand) inspecting organisation and carry out all inspections in accordance with the vehicle inspection requirements manual.

Full Engine Tune

Remove and check sparkplugs. Carry out full compression test. Test HT leads, distributor cap and rotor. Check and set ignition timing. Carry out diagnostic fault code check on vehicles computer. Check air filter and fuel filter. Road test vehicle for performance and drivability.

Puncture Repair

Repair the puncture in your tyre.

New Tyres

We stock a large range of economy and premium tyres at very competitive prices – call our friendly team for prices and availability now. All brands available.

Tyre Fitting and Balancing

Fit and balance your tyres. Dispose of used tyre.

Wheel Alignment

We adjust all four wheels so they are parallel to each other. This is done using the latest laser technology which produces a sensor zone around the vehicle and highlights any steering or suspension faults.

Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection

100% independent MTA pre-purchase inspections and full written report. We’ll do a thorough pre-purchase inspection report giving you a precise assessment of the cars condition. If vehicle repairs are required, we can also advise you of the cost to undertake these.

CV Boot

Remove front wheels from vehicle. Gearbox oil drained. Lower suspension joints disconnected. Remove axles. CV joint cleaned and repacked with grease. New boot fitted. Vehicle reassembled. Gear oil refilled. Road test vehicle.

Steering Rack Boot Fitted

Raise vehicle. Remove wheel and tie rod end. Remove existing steering rack boot and fit with new boot. Reassemble and fit new split pin to tie rod end.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Remove transmission cooler line, connect to transmission flush machine, run vehicle with Wynns Transmission Flush additive, carry out flush with new transmission fluid. Add Wynns Transmission Treatment additive. Run vehicle and check transmission fluid level and for signs of leaking.

Battery Charge

Re-charge your lead acid or calcium battery overnight or as required.

Brake Fluid Flush

Keep you, your family and your car safe by having your brake fluid checked and changed regularly.

Coolant Flush

Pressure testing the cooling system. Check for leaks. Drain and flush the radiator, top up the system with the correct antifreeze/coolant solution. Testing the radiator cap.

Cambelts / Timing Belts

This belt should be changed every 60,000kms or 5 years, whatever comes first. In some engines there are 2 belts, a cambelt/timing belt and a balance belt. If you are unsure contact us with your make and model and we can advise you.

Standard Service From
Change and replace
4L of 10W40 oil
Oil filter
Sump bung washer

Check fuel filter, changed if required
Check all brakes and adjust where necessary
Check tyre pressures and rotate tyres if required
Checked and topped up all fluid levels as required. Check all drive belts
Check condition of battery and wiper blades
Check power steering fluid and transmission fluid
Check suspension system
Check exhaust system
Check diff and gearbox oil levels and the condition of oil
Road test vehicle.

Prices may exclude Diesel, 4×4, European or Exotic vehicles.

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The team at Mechanix Bishopdale are friendly, efficient, and go that extra mile just to make sure you’re looked after. It doesn’t take long before they feel like mates who just happen to be brilliant at automotive servicing.


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